Providing central coordination for the undergraduate advising, career services & learning support communities

Learning Support Committee (LSC)

The Learning Support Committee (LSC) consists of staff in administrative and/or instructional roles. The LSC is dedicated to providing community building and professional development to all learning support staff including undergraduate and graduate tutors, peer mentors, and study skills staff.

The LSC provides centralized communication and resources to all UW-Madison students, staff, faculty, and campus partners.

The Learning Support Committee (LSC) is co-chaired by representatives from the Office of Academic & Career Success, Academic Coaching to Thrive & Succeed, and the Undergraduate Learning Center in Engineering. The LSC meets monthly throughout the calendar year, and focuses on community building, campus-wide learning support initiatives, and professional development for learning support staff.

  • Africa Lozano-Yarl –  Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement
  • Laura Hiebing – Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement
  • Sharon Thoma – College of Letters & Science
  • Juanita Diaz – College of Letters & Science
  • Lauren Heap – Undergraduate Program, School of Business
  • Andy Kuemmel – School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences
  • Carmela Diosana – School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences
  • Amihan Huesmann – College of Letters & Science
  • Curtis Feldner – Center for Academic Excellence, College of Letters & Science
  • Tracey Reitz – Chemistry Learning Center
  • Kim Mueller – Office of Academic & Career Success
  • Caitlin Farrell Haven – Office of Academic & Career Success
  • Scott Seyforth – Residence Life, University Housing
  • Tracii Friedman –  Math Learning Center
  • Susan Nossal – Physics Learning Center
  • Dane Mattila – College of Engineering
  • Leah Rineck – Math Learning Center
  • Laura Ocampo Alzate – Physics Learning Center
  • Christopher Perez – UW-Madison Libraries