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Learning Support Staff Email List

The Learning Support Staff email listserv is a subscription e-mail list available for UW-Madison learning support staff and primarily intended for sharing learning support-related information across campus.

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Who can join the Learning Support Staff email list?

The Learning Support Staff email listserv is for UW–Madison staff seeking learning support-related information and resources shared by their peers and the Office of Academic & Career Success. You must have a email address to join.

What can be shared through the Learning Support Staff email list?

The Learning Support Staff email list is for sharing information related to learning support at UW–Madison. Examples of information that can be shared include: 

  • Professional development opportunities and event details
  • Community gathering opportunities
  • Student opportunities
  • Employment, leaving, or retirement announcements
  • (Non-confidential) questions
  • Resources & templates

What should not be shared?

  • Confidential information or information about specific students
  • Promotion of personal activities and businesses
  • Requests to unsubscribe 
  • Information pertaining to and from institutions other than UW–Madison
  • Curricular or policy changes not yet approved through governance

The Office of Academic & Career Success (OACS) serves as the host of the Learning Support Staff email list but does not moderate content and is not responsible for what is shared. 

To subscribe to the Learning Support Staff email list:

  1. CLICK HERE to send an email to
  2. Within a minute or two, you’ll receive an email to confirm your membership. Make sure you are logged into your UW-Madison G Suite account, not your personal Google account, to complete the steps provided in the membership email.
  3. To complete your subscription to the email list, reply to the email you received and send a blank email. **Do not use the option of clicking the ‘Join This Group’ button.**
  4. You will receive a confirmation email once you have replied to the email and have joined the group.

After completing these steps, you can begin using the Learning Support Staff Google Group and Email List. To send a message to the group, simply enter in the “To” field of your email client.

You can unsubscribe from this email listserv by sending a blank email to