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Big Interview

Best Practices for Admins

Until Spring 2023, there were multiple Big Interview sites being paid for by multiple units across campus, and some additional units who were interested in using the tool. The Division of Teaching and Learning decided to move to, and fund, a single campus site of Big Interview for use by all students, faculty, and staff. The Office of Academic & Career Success is serving as the product owner for this new implementation.

Structure & Practices

  • Campus admin: Jeff Shokler (
  • Single point of contact for each School, College, Department. Current contacts listed in KB here.
  • Anyone with a UW NetID can navigate to the campus domain and log in with their NetID credentials (via single sign-on) at any time. This includes students, faculty, administrators, etc.
  • Big Interview has a wealth of pre-created videos, activities, and resume building tools that students have access to just by logging in. A simple way to utilize Big Interview (without providing direct feedback) is to ask students to complete a specific activity that already exists in Big Interview.
  • An administrative account is required to create assignments and assign them to students. Please contact our campus admin (above) to request access.
  • Additional useful information including accessibility information can be found on the Big Interview KB page.

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Big Interview Admin Resources

Assignment Naming Conventions

All assignments created in the domain will show up in the assignment list together, regardless of who created them. In order to keep the list of assignments manageable, and to know who owns which, we have a set of required naming conventions that should be used.

  1. Please use spaces in your assignment titles (the character limit for assignment titles is unlimited, but the page formatting will not work properly if no spaces are included)
  2. Please include the following information in your assignment titles, at a minimum, and in this order if applicable:
    1. Subject short name (e.g. “Anthro” or “Inter-L&S”) and number (e.g. “104”) – unless the assignment is being used outside of a course, in which case, please include the department/unit name
    2. Lecture number (if applicable; e.g. “Lec 002”)
    3. Semester assigned (e.g. Spring 2023)
    4. Assignment title
  3. You may also choose to include the following information if it is relevant or will help you keep track of your assignments in the future:
    • Instructor name
    • Section number
    • School, college, division, or department name
    • Session number

*** Remember: use spaces between the values in the title to ensure proper formatting (see example below) ***

Here are some examples of what assignment titles might look like: 

  • Inter-HE 202 Lec 002 OA1 Fall 2022 Interview Assignment
  • BUS 404 Spring 2023 Interview Prep Assignment Jamie Smith
  • SoHE Advisor Prep Activity Spring 2023


Assignment Creation Guidelines

There are two options for creation assignments: private and public. 

Private Public
Pros Only the assignment creator and top level admin can see / edit the assignment Other admins can grade the assignment (i.e. TAs and student employees)
Cons Only the assignment creator can grade the assignment (no TAs or other support staff) All other admins in the system can view and edit the assignment