Providing central coordination for the undergraduate advising, career services & learning support communities

Advising & Career Services Continuity

Thank you for all you have done to support our students this past year and a half. We should all be very proud of our hard work and success during a challenging time. 

We have learned a lot from our experience conducting advising and career services remotely during the COVID 19 Pandemic.  Going forward, the Office of Academic & Career Success (OACS) encourages all advising/career services staff and units to use the lessons learned to offer programs and services that provide students with inclusive learning and access that serves students well. The OACS direct service units will offer a variety of appointment and program modalities to meet student needs and will offer workplace flexibility for OACS staff. 

OACS will not make recommendations regarding human resource issues for UW-Madison advising and career services employees.  Decisions about remote work and workplace flexibility are made at the division level in concert with campus level guidance. 

During the 2021-22 academic year, OACS will offer professional development programs and events in virtual, in-person, and hybrid formats. We hope to be as flexible and inclusive as possible, while we learn more about the campus-wide community needs and preferences. More details about specific program and event formats will be shared as they become known and will adapt and adjust if need be.

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