Providing central coordination for the undergraduate advising, career services & learning support communities

Career Services Community

Learn more about the career services community at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, including the UW academic and career success model, guiding principles, and shared values.

The Career Services community at UW–Madison strives to …

  1. foster an inclusive and equitable environment where students are supported and empowered toward purposeful career success
  2. place students at the forefront of their journey while providing personalized support. 
  3. dismantle barriers and ensure that all students have access to the resources and opportunities needed to thrive in their chosen career paths. 
  4. empower students to explore and discover their values, interests, and strengths.
  5. stay current with career and labor market trends to prepare students for success in the evolving job market.
  6. connect students with alumni and employers to grow their networks.
  7. provide students with tools and experiences to gain the knowledge and skills needed to graduate with the confidence to achieve their career goals now and in the future.