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Career Services Communities of Practice

Take time for your own professional development and skill building by joining one or more Career Services Communities of Practice.

What is a Community of Practice?

Communities of practice are groups of colleagues who share common challenges, opportunities, or a passion for a given topic, and who collaborate to deepen their understanding of that topic and build skills through ongoing learning and knowledge sharing.

Communities of practice are not committees where the group is expected to produce work. Membership of communities of practice are not determined by position or title, but instead by interest in particular topic areas. 

Currently, the Office of Undergraduate Advising is supporting the convening of three Career Services Communities of Practice:

  • Career Advising/Coaching: Discussion topics may include best practices, theories, trends, techniques for working with students.
  • Employer Relations: Discussion topics may include recruiting/employment trends, working with employers, and hosting events.
  • Career Courses and Curriculum: Discussion topics may include developing courses, relevant content, pedagogy, and engaging students. 

Join a Career Services Community of Practice

If you are interested in learning more about or participating in any of the Career Services Communities of Practice, please complete this form and you will be added to the listserv for the communities you’ve indicated interest in. 

Please reach out to Danielle Marriner at with any questions and ideas for future communities of practice.