Providing central coordination for the undergraduate advising, career services & learning support communities

Council on Academic Advising (CAA)

CAA provides feedback to the Office of Academic & Career Success and the Associate Vice Provost, Academic & Career Success.

The committee works actively to support the work of OACS by offering representative perspectives on OACS initiatives, provides a forum for sharing information about academic and career advising, and also works toward building community among advisors from different schools, colleges, and divisions.

The Council on Academic Advising is chaired by the OACS Director for Academic Affairs. Meetings generally consist of three segments: community building, feedback and action.

CAA meets once per month during the academic year for 90 minutes, and once during the summer.

  • Shelby Arkin, Department of Computer Sciences
  • Brian Asen, Biology Major
  • Amy Bertrand, School of Human Ecology
  • Brian Bischel, Cross-College Advising Service
  • Tom Browne, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
  • Adam Davies, Wisconsin Athletics
  • Emily Dickmann, Office of Academic & Career Success
  • Erica Haas, L&S Academic Advising Services
  • Edwanike Harbour, McBurney Disability Resource Center
  • Stacy Harnett, The Information School
  • Maria Hartwig, Department of Psychology
  • Isabelle Jackson, ASM
  • Michelle Jackson, Career Exploration Center
  • Julie Janiak, Center for Educational Opportunity
  • Keri Johnson, Summer Term
  • Valerie Johnson, Department of Psychology
  • Leigh Keller-Chicoine, ASM
  • Lena Lee, Office of Undergraduate Advising
  • Susan Lochner Atkinson, International Academic Programs
  • Samantha McCabe, International Student Services
  • Diana Maki, Office of Academic & Career Success/Office of the Registrar (chair)
  • Megan Olson, School of Business
  • Katie Paar, Office of the Registrar
  • Autumn Sanchez, Division of Continuing Studies
  • Dija Selimi, Center for Pre-Health Advising
  • Amy Shannon, School of Education
  • Jeffrey Shokler, Office of Academic & Career Success
  • Wren Singer, Office of Academic & Career Success
  • Sara Stephenson, L&S Honors Program
  • Karen Stroud Felton, Center for Academic Excellence
  • Darby Sugar, School of Nursing
  • Goodson Vue, PEOPLE
  • Jen Walsh, Office of Academic & Career Success
  • Pa Houa Xiong, Office of Student Financial Aid
  • Maria Zarzalejo, College of Engineering
  • Amy Zwaska, School of Pharmacy

CAA is a committee which invites wide representation of campus advisors and advising partners. In general (but not in all cases) members are mid-level leaders in their departments (such as an assistant or associate director).

Members are invited to join a Power Team as needed to focus more intensively on a specific campus advising project. Power Teams are facilitated by CAA members and are responsible for producing a brief report on their outcomes.

To indicate your interest in joining CAA, please take the Committee Interest Survey.