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Best Practices for Hiring Advising Staff

The opportunity to hire a new advisor is an important time to communicate effectively about the roles and responsibilities of advising. All advisors, regardless of role or department, are engaged in the campus wide advising community. Including the following in your PVL will help to send a strong message about the type of candidate you are seeking and the value of the work they will be doing.

General Principles to Include:

  • Include a statement about the purpose and philosophy of advising at UW-Madison. See Guiding Principles.
  • Include a link to the UW-Madison Advising Core Competencies.
  • Indicate that involvement in the campus-wide advising community is a key part of the role.
  • Involvement includes attendance at training and professional development events, committee and work-group service, and community building. At a large, decentralized university it is critical for campus advisors to form an effective network to help students navigate the UW. Include a link to for more information.

Sample Statement:
The advisor hired into this role will join the UW-Madison advising community, a strong campuswide network of advisors working to help students navigate their undergraduate experience. Participation in this community involves training, on-going professional development, mentoring, and committee service.

Advising at UW-Madison is guided by clear philosophical principles and competencies. Interested candidates should be familiar with the Guiding Principles for Academic Advising at UW-Madison and the UW-Madison Advising Core Competencies. Candidates should visit to learn more about advising at UW-Madison.

Sample Advisor Interview Questions

Please contact to request sample advisor interview questions.

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