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Exploring Our Shared Future – Episode 5: Indigenous Students in Higher Ed

The Advising and Career Services Book and Film Club is pleased to share the fifth in a series of emails to help the advising and career services communities further understand the experience of Indigenous students, settler-colonialism, and Indigenization efforts in higher education. 

In this episode, we invite you to learn more about the lived experiences of Indigenous students in higher education. Some of the resources you’ll find are from college students in Canada, which can easily be translated to the experiences of Indigenous students in US educational settings. As always, we encourage you to explore these resources and reflect on the experiences of Indigenous students at UW Madison. Continue to ask yourself how we can transform our advising practice and create spaces of belonging for Indigenous students.

Our heartfelt thanks to the creators of these materials and their willingness to share them with us, the wider UW Community, and beyond.

Episode 5: Indigenous Students in Higher Ed

Let’s Start with the Factsheets:

Because Native Americans (both American Indians and Alaska Natives) comprise only 1% of the U.S. undergraduate population and less than 1% of the graduate population, these students are often left out of postsecondary research and data reporting due to small sample size. What data is available indicates that only 16% of Native Americans attain a bachelor’s degree or higher and only 9% attain associate degrees, making the case for a system that is more responsive to the specific needs of these students…

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Indigenous Perspectives on Native Students Challenges in Higher Education

While the number of Native American students on college campuses has increased over the last 50 years, this broad trend—while good news—presents a fragmented understanding of these students’ participation in and access to higher education…

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What I Learned in Class Today: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom

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